Bear River Snowfall

This is a page I developed in 2016 to compile data from SNOTEL websites and other weather stations in the Bear River range to provide a single web page to visually track snow conditions for backcountry skiing. The plot were created using Google Sheets. More information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Beaver Mountain Base

Logan Summit - East

Beaver Mountain Weather Station

More Information

SNOTEL Report Generator

Beaver Mountain Weather Station

Tabular SNOTEL Site Data used for plotting

Utah SNOTEL Current Snowpack % of Normal

Utah State University Weather Station


This webpage compiles data from weather stations, both public and private, to provide a single place for viewing recent snowfall in the Bear River Range. Data displayed here comes from USDA NRCS SNOTEL network and a weather station maintained by Beaver Mountain Ski Area. If you have questions, please email me using the email address on the About page.