Green River Photos

These photos come from the Desert Laboratory Repeat Photography Collection, established by Robert Webb of the USGS in order to track changes in the riparian landscape of the Southwest. Repeat photography is a technique which tracks change by taking photos in the same location over time. These photos show change in my study reach on the Green River. For other photos in the Colorado River Basin, check out the Stanton Repeat Photography Index, maintained by USGS-NRP, Tucson, AZ.

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The older image is on the left for all the image comparisons.

Bonita Bend, RM 30.9

1871 | 1968

1968 | 1999

1999 | 2012

Upheaval Wash, RM 44.1

1889 | 2012

Hell Roaring Canyon, RM 55.4

1889 | 1999