File Cabinet

These are links to the different data types which the Campground project was exported to. The Map Package is the entire ArcMap file compressed, the File Geodatabase is just the campground shapefiles that were created, Google Earth files are .kmz versions of files created in ArcMap and the ArcGIS Online link is to a layer package containing all the edited files stored on ESRI's online database,

Map Links

Campground JPEG (Web Quality): Lab04Campground.jpg

High Quality Campground PDF (Print Quality): Lab04Campground.pdf

Data Files

ArcGIS Map Package: Lab04Campground.mpk

ArcGIS File Geodatabase:

Google Earth:

Campsite Attribute Spreadsheet: Campsites_Info.xlsx

ArcGIS Online Layer Package: Proposed USFS Campground, Weber County, UT