Lab 5: Oil Spill Response

For this lab, we learned about vector analysis through a simulated pipeline rupture on Emigration Creek in Salt Lake County, UT. This fictional spill appears to have been inspired by the Red Butte Creek oil spill, which happened in June 2010 in Salt Lake City. For this lab, I worked with vector analyses to identify the affected parcels and output findings in a form which can be used by emergency responders to contact impacted homeowners.

Task 1: Map pipeline rupture and output as an easy read map book.  

For concerned members of the public, I created an interactive online map that shows the extent of the spill and affected area. Residents can easily check and see if their house lies within the impacted zone. 

I originally tried to export all the affected parcels to an online map, but Google Maps does not allow for KML files with more than 2000 polygons to be imported into the mapping application. The parcels layer has more than that and is truncated in display. I instead chose to show the site of the pipeline rupture, the affected area and length of stream impacted.

For emergency responders, I prepared a printable map which shows the entire spill area, as well as a map book showing closeups of the affected area. 

Page 1 of the map book - click to enlarge

Printable copies of the overview map and map book are available here:

Overview map of the the Emigration Creek Pipeline Spill

Map Book of Emigration Creek Pipeline Spill


Task 2: Contact List for affected parcels

Page 1 of contact list - click to enlarge

For the affected parcels, I joined a Excel file containing contact data for the parcels to the affected parcels shapefile. After performing all the vector analysis, I exported the contact data from ArcMap and converted it to a PDF document that workers can use in the field to check on residents. 

Affected Parcels Contact List


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