Lab 1: ArcGIS Refresher and Intro to WebGIS

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For the first lab, we created a map as an ArcGIS refresher and them worked on publishing these created maps to the web. The map created as a refresher needed to include a north arrow, scale bar, legend, inset location map and production notes. The sample map which was created used fictional data and was output as a JPEG for display on the web. A high resolution version of the sample map is available as a downloadable PDF.

The second portion of the lab was to create an interactive web map version via Bing Maps. I was able to upload a KMZ file to Bing Maps and display it in My Maps, but I have not yet figured out how to easily a map into a website. The best example I was able to come up with is below and required me to hand edit the code in order to get the example shown below. Even then, it is still an embedded webpage rather than just the pure map. Looking at the HTML code, it appears that when you add the embed code to the My Places link (generated by clicking on "Email" in Bing Maps), the custom My Places polygons are removed. At this point, I would say that it isn't currently working in the preferred way. Explaining the issue is much easier in person, I would be glad to show you the specific problems that I had and the work around that I used to get the map shown below. 

Link to Lab Assignment: